Vegetable Curry Rolls (4) Homemade  Malaysian Fried Chicken  Mongolian Dishes  Sesame Chicken in Honey Sauce  Crispy Chilli Chicken

We assure all of our customers that
all our dishes are wholesome, hearty
and expertly prepared.

We try as much as possible to use
GM-free materials in our cooking.

However since we use hundreds of
different ingredients some of which
may be GM without our knowledge.

**If you have any food allergies or
intolrences please talk to our staff
before you order

Home Delivery


Wednesday - Closed
4.30 pm - 11 pm


Prawn Crackers
with orders over £16
(excluding delivery charge)


Chicken wings &
Prawn Crackers
with orders over £36
(excluding delivery charge)
Wok Man is located on 8 Burnbank Road Hamilton. Chinese food is delivered straight to your door. Welcome to Wok Man offering Chinese food for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Their kitchen offers a wide range of dishes to satisfy the most insatiable of appetites. The menu consists of traditional and classic Chinese dishes so why not order tonight and bring a taste of the Orient to your own doorstep. They also have European, Indonesian, Malaysian and Thai Dishes on the menu too so there's something for everyone.
Box Meals

Make Your Own Box

(Served in one large container with Choice of Curry/ BBQ/ Sweet & Sour Sauce)

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